Upcoming Collection 19'

Stay tuned to the latest collection that’s about to come! Introducing an array of oversized t-shirt of the finest fabrics with unique prints and textures that’s suitable to be worn from the gym to the mall. A merger of active wear and casual wear. 

The collection is for everyone, in any shape. Thanks to its versatile and easy styling options, the shirt will be a warm weather staple in your wardrobe. We have rejuvenated the classic T-shirt and adapt oversized proportions and elongated sleeves to bring a contemporary feel to the silhouettes. 

The shirts are made of top notch quality that’s suited for tropical climate so fret not, it’s perfect for a stroll along the beach on the red dot. The exclusive fabrics we use include: Stretch leather fabric that gives off a metallic shine that is breathable and soft, Neon fabrics that are made to stand out and Heather fabrics that is smooth, comfortable and airy. 


Not a typical oversized T-shirt you’ve seen.

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