Printing Techniques

heat transfer textile image.jpg

Heat Transfer

It gets hot over here. Heat transfer, a.k.a thermal printing, utilises heat to transfer an image from wax paper to an object. This method of printing is mostly used in sportswear for printing customised logos and labels. You get that 3-Dimensional layered texture made by layering a thick coat of wax dye onto an object.


  • It's a great alternative for printing logos and names but in higher quantity and accurate positioning.

  • You are able to achieve a highly lustrous texture of print.

  • You can print high-quality and REFLECTIVE prints.


  • You want something for a shorter term: the more you wash the print, the faster it will wear-off.

  • Your fabric will not be stretched often. Like humans, wax can't take stress. The more you stretch the fabric with the print, it ain't going to look good.


Silkscreen Printing is a printing method that involves having special ink swipe through stencils of desired patterns. These stencils are made and supported by a porous fabric mesh- which will then be stretched across a frame called a screen (hence it's name). Silkscreen Printing is ideally suited for bold and graphic designs and depending on the quality; the process may require a longer period of time in order to achieve the desired coloured effects of a design.


  • Silkscreen printing helps you achieve REFLECTIVE prints, EMBOSSED textures and SHIMMERING patterns.

  • You can print on ANY kind of fabric with this method of printing.

  • Your prints are able to withstand HIGH-STRETCH and STRESS.


  • You have a high volume of textiles to print. Eg. 100 pieces & above.




Embroidery is a bit like sewing with a machine- except that it is not. There is of course, the technique of using hand-sewn embroidery but for corporate uses, we use digitised machine embroidery in order to fulfil our clients' requested designs. Embroidery involves tightly stitched threads on fabric which also helps to achieve relief textures. Coupled with the right threads, the results are usually marvellous beyond words. If you are looking for a way to make a print or design stand out LITERALLY, in every sense of the word- this is it, this is for you.


  • It makes your print/logo look insanely nice and helluva expensive.

  • Embroidery creates detailed images of textures and depth.

  • No matter Earth, Wind, Water and sometimes even, Fire, your embroidered design will never fade off and abandon you because why: durability.


  • You are looking to print logos or anything that DOES NOT involve anything close to the whole colour spectrum of the rainbow at one go.

  • Your fabric is not of the lightweight sort as the fall of it will just turn out weird-looking after embroidery.