There is a defect in my product. What should I do?

Please drop us an email us at regarding the defect.

Take 3 - 5 clear photos of different angles of the defect and we will determine if we should do a reprint for an exchange.

You can either send it back to us or bring it to us to our factory and we will fix it for you.

If you are still unhappy with the product,

you can return us the product and leave a feedback on your reasons. When we received the product from you, we will issue the refund to you in gift vouchers.

There is shadowing on my print. Can I do an exchange?

We are confident that our in-house fabric would not lead to this problem as we have tested the product before putting up for sale.

However, if it is your own fabric, It is a ritual that we always would shrink your fabric before we transfer the prints on the fabric. This is because the shrinkage level is unknown to us and and by doting this, it reduces the shadowing problems.

However, there are certain fabrics which will have infinite shrinkage problems which is something we can’t control. To solve this problem, you might want to test your shrinkage before passing us your fabric as we would not hold any responsibilities to it.