Manufacture with Us

Your one-stop solution

You have an idea, a concept, a vision, something; you have the destination in mind but no idea where to begin- and that is where we come in. If you think liaising with overseas' manufacturers is a hassle and not your thing, come to us instead! We offer a wide range of production methods to cater to every kind of budget. The whole design and manufacturing process of your garments will be done wholly in Singapore, so you can be assured that you will always have the cream of the crop!  



  • Let us start here: Approach our designers for a free consultation!

  • We are able to re-design or configure out a way to fit any design of your liking with your desired budget in mind.


In-house production

  • Yimage's production and manufacturing are a 100% done in Singapore.

  • We have and in-house team of experienced technicians and sewers to cater to every kind of different garment request.



  • Despite Yimage's speciality being sportswear, we have also done projects for other kinds of clothing. Eg. Casual, Uniforms, Commercial uses and etc.

  • Our work does not just restrict to clothing, we also produce accessories like caps, flags, scarves and many more.

  • We encourage and welcome diversity. Hence it is not a problem were you to approach us in regards to tailored services and garments for alternative body types!